About Katandra Womens A Cappella Choir

Katandra Womens A Cappella Choir.

The point of Katandra is simple!

It’s wonderful to be involved in a refreshing and energetic format where women can have fun, develop new skills, sing out and become friends.

Repertoire is chosen from a wide range of musical styles including Jazz, Pop, Medieval, Folk and World Music, so everyone will find something that they can enjoy. What determines the choice of music is that it must be a beautiful song, a great arrangement of parts, have vocal skill building features and be fun to sing.

Katandra rehearsals are different from other rehearsal formats because they use a broader dynamic structure. Aside from vocal warm ups, members also learn about vocal technique and music composition and performance. These are workshopped through interactive musical activities. Everyone mingles and can explore their voice qualities in small group exercises. Apart from being a lot of fun, this is a certain way to quickly boost vocal confidence and build musical ability.

The musical arrangements are well designed and online rehearsal recordings encourage easy learning of the music at all skill levels. Members can practice these music recordings at home, load them onto their phone, play them in the car, on walks… or whatever works for best for them!

There are no auditions required: we believe that if you can talk, you can sing - with us!